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Looking to support a family enterprise? Take advantage of FEF’s comprehensive resources. Choose from online courses, interactive activities, expert and peer interviews, tutorials, and teaching tools.

FEF partners enjoy access to our full catalog of resources and online training sessions on educational materials for your experts and course facilitators.

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Our signature Course Collection is the fruit of extensive R&D with industry experts. Each course has been created through an iterative process, vetted by specialists, and benefits from interactive models, personal assessments, video and written cases, as well as supporting materials for in-person facilitation. All touch on a different key theme that affects family firms.


FEF’s Intrapreneurial Initiative emphasizes new thinking to create new value. How to prepare the next generation to take over? It is a timeless question among entrepreneurial families. The real question is how best to close the gap between the core business and what next gens envision for their future. FEF takes concrete steps to address this question and others through the Intrapreneurial Initiative.


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