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You’re a learning champion and knowledge advocate. You support education and human development. Lucid and wise, you would make a canny investor. You’re willing to share your knowledge in public forums. You’re the Chief Learning Officer for your family business. What next?

Veronica Maldonado Veronica Maldonado

Veronica Maldonado

Venezuela, 3rd Generation

Veronica Maldonado is chairwoman of family office GEM (Grupo Economico Maldonado) and president of the Compañia Humana, a socially-progressive foundation in Venezuela. A vigorous advocate of education in family enterprises, Veronica is also active in women’s issues.

Education enlightens us about our world. Family teaches us about ourselves.

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Alessandra Nishimura

Alessandra Nishimura

Brazil, 3rd Generation

Alessandra Nishimura, board of Jacto Group, a Brazilian agribusiness concern, is active in philanthropic initiatives. A former board member at FBN Brazil, Alessandra focuses on family governance leadership at Jacto, where she works hard to “keep the family together.”

With family at the core of family enterprise, mastery of emotional governance is vital.

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You are a steady hand and family steward. You have experience and integrity. You’re fair. Family is important to you. You’re entrepreneurial and value the next generation. You’re decisive and active – in business and family matters. You have the ability to say “no” – even to family. You take a proactive long-term approach to family, business and wealth, balancing renewal and resilience. Can you do more?

Philip Aminoff

Philip Aminoff

Finland, 4th Generation

Philip Aminoff is a fourth generation family business entrepreneur based in Finland. His family’s businesses include Helvar (lighting intelligence), Fastems (factory automation) and Electrosonic (audio-visual solutions). Philip is chairman of the Finnish Family Firms Association.

Our world is composed of family businesses to be cherished for their incalculable value.

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Andrew Wates

Andrew Wates

OBE DL, United Kingdom, 4th Generation

Andrew Wates is a former chairman of Wates Group, one of the UK’s largest private construction and property development concerns. Deeply active in private enterprise issues, Andrew is devoted to promoting family businesses as a “force for good” through FBN International.

Without a clearly defined purpose, no family business will have the resilience to see succession from generation to generation. Family businesses can be a force for good, acknowledging our responsibilities in our communities and the Global environment.

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You are an enterprising and intrepid woman. You’re a soul who loves to learn. You see “impossible” as a state of mind. You’re a pioneer. You’re strategic. You care about the world. Your secret weapon is compassion. You square dreams with realities. You reconcile work with family. You’re the Chief Emotional Officer. That’s a good thing. Which way next?

Clara Villoslada Clara Villoslada

Clara Villoslada

Spain, 3rd Generation

Clara Villoslada is co-chair of Spanish real estate group Varadero and executive director of family office Hevimar Holdings. A former Olympic athlete, Clara is a pioneer in extreme sports communications and media.

Love is our greatest asset. Education defines our future. Impossible is a state of mind.

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Breanne Ramsay Breanne Ramsay

Breanne Ramsay

Canada, 2nd Generation

Breanne Ramsay is the CFO at Calgary-based BRITT Land & Engagement. With a passion for strategy, leadership and numbers, Breanne is a strong relationship-builder with clients, employees, business partners, and key stakeholders.

In order to innovate and grow, it is essential to disrupt the status quo.

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You are a next gen – savvy, youthful and curious. You’re multifaceted and intrapreneurial. You have fresh ideas and views. You’re a leader and internationally-minded. Your learning path could span a lifetime. Tech-savvy, you blaze your own trail. How will you square family wealth with your individual passions and values?

Jean-Philippe Gagnon Jean-Philippe Gagnon

Jean-Philippe Gagnon

Canada, 2nd Generation

Jean-Philippe Gagnon is general manager of Athletc., a network that enables entrepreneurs, scientists and investors in sports and health sectors generate meaningful business deals. Athletc. is a unit of family enterprise Jean-Philippe, where Gagnon acts as consultant. Active and entrepreneurial, Jean-Philippe is an avid networker and advocate for Quebec family enterprises.

Intrapreneurship is an ideal solution. It bridges my family business to all-new ventures.

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Vassily Grosse Vassily Grosse

Vassily Grosse

France, 5th Generation

Vassily Grosse is chief executive of Nomid Inc., a digital recruitment platform, and partner in the Grosse family investment fund. He retains an indirect role in Léon Grosse, a fifth-generation construction company in Aix-les-Bains, France. A keen snowboarder, Vassily is also part of the Family Enterprise Foundation’s Intrapreneurial Initiative.

An entrepreneurial spirit can play a role in achieving that elusive balanced lifestyle.

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You are a credible counsellor and a loyal, trusted advisor. You’re discreet. You’re ethical. You adapt to clients’ needs. You possess objectivity and are deeply trusted. You are ahead of the learning curve. You’re virtually one of the family. You’re vital. Can you remain so?

Andres Rico Andres Rico

Andres Rico


Andres Rico has carved out a distinguished career as an effective organizational problem-solver in major corporations, family enterprises and NGOs. A proponent of technology as enabler, Andres excels in developing strong leaders and leadership teams.

Great leaders are made–from learning, watching and doing, in well-defined boundaries.

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David C. Bentall David C. Bentall

David C. Bentall

Canada, 3rd Generation.

David C. Bentall is the founder of family business consultancy Next Step Advisors IncHe is formerly chief executive of his family enterprise Dominion Construction, where he helped double sales over his 20-year career. A gifted moderator and trained facilitator, David is known for his creative energy and focused determination.

Emotional intelligence and honesty should be coveted qualities in a counsellor.

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