Our Learning Philosophy



To begin, we strive to have users relate to common issues and themes that affect all family businesses. This is done through our growing catalog of online educational content, which includes short interviews as well as online courses that last up to three hours. We help create awareness among families about the intricacies of their family business system in their individual contexts


Next, users begin to better understand some of the complexities involved in family business through the use of blended-learning settings. Targeted workshops allow families to begin to identify levers for change and improvement in their family enterprise. Users continue learning and understanding their context through a more theme-based lens depending on their greatest need (governance, intrapreneurship, communication, conflict management, ownership, etc).


Lastly, we facilitate immersive experiences for families to apply their new learning to their individual and family contexts. This transformational approach increases the impact of the education on the individual family members as well as the family unit as a whole. The immersive experiences are engaging, empowering and reflective, with the aim of creating actionable takeaways for practical application in families.

FEF's approach to learning really helped develop the most important ingredient in family business education: family-to-family learning.
Ivan Lansberg Founder of Lansberg, Gersick & Associates
FEF has been the most valuable resource center that we have ever relied on for learning as an enterprising family.
John Ward Professor of Family Enterprises, Kellogg School of Management
FEF is a highly innovative and cutting-edge organization with important thoughts and helpful advice for business families.
John A Davis Founder and Chairman of Cambridge Advisors of Family Enterprise
If you make the family your business, both the family and the business succeed.
Joe Astrachan Chair of Family Business of Wells Fargo, Founder of the Executive MBA for Families in Business at Kennesaw State University

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