Intrapreneurship Is “a Fun Journey”


At BFF we asked Steve Beauchesnea craft brewer, to tell us the story behind the creation of Halcyon Barrel House 

One of our talented brewers let me know he was planning on starting his own brewery. Rather than show him the door, asked if I could help him. 
In the course of the next year I helped him build his business plan. I began to fall in love with the idea of this brewery that he was planning on opening. 
When I found out that his major investor had pulled out of the project I suggested: what if we did this as a new division within our brewery? 
That really excited him. It let him do everything he wanted to do and also it would give him access to all sorts of resources he otherwise wouldn’t have access to, like our marketing team and purchasing power. 
It’s been a really fun journey working through with him and figuring out how much we needed to invest and then making it work. 

Key Takeaway: 

There can be a lot of personal satisfaction when your interests and passions become your work. Intrapreneurship can make this happen, both for the individual and the mentor!

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