Making Long-Term Contributions to Communities


One reason for the favorable view of family businesses is that they are perceived to be long-term contributors to local communities. At BFF we know many enterprising families where such a perception is 100% accurate!

Here’s a summary of our video with the Hubert family, owners of Hubert's Family Outfitters, a second-generation retailer in New Hampshire, USA:

Kathy Hubert:
We are committed to the communities we live in…

Tom Hubert:
…and whether it is sponsoring little league teams or helping out with schools, we try to do the right thing for the town.

Guenter Hubert:
It is important to be philanthropic because, you know, that is how these towns were all built.

Kathy Hubert:
You are not going to have a good business if you don’t have a healthy community.

Tom Hubert:
Sometimes it does require extra work. It is not always the easiest thing to do but we feel it is key.

Kathy Hubert:
I think if you look at most family businesses there is accountability about what we are leaving and our role in this community and this society.

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