People Are Always Safe, Their Ideas Are Not


Family owners can strongly influence the culture of communication within their family business. Ian open culture, people feel safe about expressing their point of view whenever they have something to contribute. But we all know organizations where people are afraid to speak up unless they know that the leadership will agree.  

Here’s the view of Brittney and Breanne Ramsay from BRITT Land & Engagement: 

Brittney Ramsay: 

Our saying is "people are always safe, ideas are not". So we challenge and debate ideas all the time.

Breanne Ramsay: 

Our team gets to see us challenge and debate with each other. We’re modelling what we want the rest of our organization to do.

Brittney Ramsay: 

Inspiring the hearts of our team members is so important and the only way we get there is by challenging and debating and growing and learning, and that’s all through communication.

Key Takeaway:

It’s useful for enterprising families to consider how the behaviors of family members are encouraging or discouraging culture of open communication.  

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