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November 18-20, 2022
Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

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Why Attend

New Connections

Make new connections with business families from across Canada who understand your unique reality.

Thought Leaders

Get unique insights and perspectives on today's issues directly from global thought leaders in family enterprise.

New Opportunities

Take full advantage of this Summit to discover the opportunities of tomorrow for your business and family.

Learning Together

Strengthen your family relationships as you and your family members learn, share and grow together in nature.

Fortifying Financials

Family Fortunes: Are There Any Safe Harbours for Investing Families?

  1. Where should families park their wealth?
  2. What will financial resilience look like in 2023?
  3. Is “stagflation” the new normal?

This year has been dominated by global conflict and inflation as the world tries to find a new normal amid an ongoing pandemic. Entrepreneurial families are at pains to preserve their wealth. Seeking stronger returns, family offices are piling into private equity. Others see direct investing, which offers more control and lower fees, as a better bet. Some see crypto currencies as the new great hedge against inflation and a platform for growth. Never far are green issues: Future financial regulations that track the environmental cost of activities could alter how businesses calculate profitability. Which way to certainty?

What Price for Sustainability?

The Planet: Can Families Afford to Put Off Sustainability?

  1. What is the role of private enterprise in saving the planet?
  2. What tangible outcomes can we expect from progressive enterprises?
  3. Governments provide regulatory frameworks. Can family businesses do more?

Burning the planet is bad for business. Long term, a hostile biosphere could unleash geopolitical turmoil and slash global economic growth. Is sustainability the way forward? If it meets our needs today without compromising future generations to meet theirs, then yes. But certain businesses and industries have a vested interest in putting off sustainability. Likewise, certain consumers insist businesses curb their environmental impact. Family enterprises have a role to play. Relying on government action is not enough — so what is?

Health, Wellness and Tech: A Convergence?

Health, Wellness and Tech: Where Will Convergence Lead?

  1. Tech is improving our health, but is it leading to sedentary lifestyles?
  2. Has tech been co-opted into tools of behavioral manipulation and addiction?
  3. What happens when AI systems are wrong?

The growing wellness industry, whose focus is to shift disease management from reactive to preventive, is worth trillions. Telehealth, itself a growing pillar of Canada’s healthcare sector, is flourishing due to better infrastructure and a pandemic push. Now, in deepening convergence, AI, chatbots, virtual and augmented reality technologies are taking health, wellness and tech into new waters. Where do families, businesses and doctors fit it in to a future shaped by software engineers?

Families: The Strongest or Weakest Link?

Governance: Can Families Find Grace in Disruption?

  1. What does “good governance” look like in the family business of tomorrow?
  2. What governance tools do family businesses need in an age of disruption?
  3. Where do family enterprises excel as models of good governance?

There is a body of research that paints family enterprises as solid employers and businesses whose owners take a long-term view. Resilient and tight-knit, they ride out disruptions. Certain companies resist external board members in favour of blood relatives. Others are lax in succession planning. Yet, family businesses are often cited as governance role models for their “kinder” ways of doing business. Now, disruption is back. Russia, Ukraine, the pandemic and inflation. Can family enterprises grow without adding new tools to their old governance kits?

(Un)Limited Resources?

Resources: Are We Paying Enough Attention to Scarcity?

  1. Who will pay the enormous costs of transitioning to renewable energy?
  2. Should we discourage investment in fossil fuels?
  3. What is the cost of inaction on family enterprises slow to adapt to energy policy changes?

Are family enterprise leaders paying enough attention to scarcity? The gap between limited resources and (theoretically) limitless wants is widening. Natural resources are becoming the new powerful key to defining geopolitics and securing economic and strategic interests. As the hunger for raw materials and resources rises exponentially, the intricate balance between economic priorities and global political discourse has become more fragile. In a globalized economy, imbalances affect businesses and private consumers profoundly. Enterprising families must expect the unexpected.

Securing Safer Supply Chains

Supply Chains: How Do We Trade in an Age of Volatility?

  1. How should family businesses adapt to volatile supply chains?
  2. How will energy risks change sourcing strategies?
  3. What will local sourcing mean for operational costs?

Two years of pandemic disruption has dislocated the global economy’s complex supply chains, causing a sharp rise in the prices of commodities, food and consumer goods. Key materials and components have become scarce, bringing production lines to a halt. War in Ukraine has stoked inflation, especially in oil and grain prices. Further shutdowns in China could worsen the situation. Extreme weather, from floods to volatile wildfires, is increasingly hammering ports, highways and factories worldwide. If the age of reliable, low-cost transportation and benign trading environments is ending, how will this shape long-term planning in enterprising families?

Tech and Cyber: Opportunity or Threat?

Tech and Cyber: What Should Families Embrace or Fear?

  1. What will tomorrow’s cyber threats look like?
  2. Is business growth overly reliant on technology?
  3. Why does the metaverse matter to a family enterprise?

Cyber threats are increasing in complexity and sophistication. Among family offices that boast global operations, almost all have experienced at least one cyber security attack. For entrepreneurial families, cyber threats are a top concern, ahead of other worries such as market volatility or succession planning. This has shone light on crypto-currencies, a new-fangled asset class-dividing opinion between younger and older generations. At the same time, the reliance on technology to enable growth is also increasing, which poses threats to organizations. What impact will AI have on how family enterprises run their business?


Geopolitics, Family Business and Long-Term Views

Geopolitics: Is the West’s Golden Age of Innovation Over?

  1. Can family enterprises find long-term stability amid increasing geopolitical instability?
  2. What would a reduced Chinese role in the Canadian economy look like?
  3. Canadian companies have enjoyed decades of relatively stable geopolitics. Has time run out?

A new narrative has taken hold among the ruling classes in the West: that the aggressive axis of Russia and China is the main threat to the Western-dominated international system. Some commentators believe the West’s golden entrepreneurial and innovation age is behind it. Either way, what are the implications for family enterprises? Since the 1980s, entrepreneurship, innovation and, more generally, business dynamics have been steadily declining – particularly so in the US. Canada’s relatively high taxes on capital gains discourage risk-taking and reduces access to financing for starting and growing entrepreneurial businesses, critics argue. Is complexity ossifying the Western economies?

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