Emotions Invoked by Family Business Vision-Building 


Here’s a list of some emotions that could be invoked when the Next Generation contribute to the renewal of a shared vision. Spoiler: several of them don’t appear to be positive emotions! 

Awkwardness: members of the Next Generation can be very aware that it’s not "their" company. They didn’t create it, they weren’t there for its early steps. So there is a question of how much contribution they have – especially if the founders are still alive.   

Fear of seeming unsupportive: if you’ve grown up with a family story filled with heroes then it can seem like a betrayal to do things differently. It’s no fun to feel like you’re going against a long-established view. 

Warinessthe Japanese have an expression that any nail that stands out in a plank of wood must be hit with a hammerOf course people will be wary about speaking their mind if there’s a chance of being hammered down!   

Frustration: when a vision only has a few words, each word or phrase is the subject of intense discussionIt can seem to take a long time to achieve just a little progress.   

Inspiration: a vision can capture important ideas for a better future. It can provide purpose and direction for oneself and others. Awesome! 

Enthusiasm: it can be so exciting to work with family members on a project where you are relating adult-to-adult and making use of all your professional skills and perspectives. When family business is good, it’s really amazing.  

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