Alchemy and the Family Enterprise


This report casts fresh light on family business attitudes toward finding purpose, conquering communication and leveraging learning. Drawing on data from nearly 300 families who took the Family Learning Discovery assessment, the Alchemy and the Family Enterprise report uncovers key insights that will provoke reflection and discussion within business families.

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Finding Purpose

When family purpose is successfully conveyed, it provides a roadmap for both family members and the business; and it even entices the next generation!

Conquering Communication

For family purpose to flourish, family members need the skills and the opportunities to share their thoughts often and effectively – and have them heard.

Leveraging Learning

There is a significant role for a Family Learning Champion. When the desire is for long-term family ownership, then an intentional learning journey is needed.

What does this mean for business families?

  • Finding and conveying purpose across generations is both challenging and worth the effort!
  • Focus on building good governance processes and strong family communications – especially training in empathic listening skills.
  • An intentional family learning path is much easier to navigate if you have the guidance of a Family Learning Champion.

Next steps for families who want to…

Find their family purpose:

Conquer family communication:

Leverage their family learning:

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