Leadership Skills We Can Teach Our Children Now


At BFF we asked Nanon de Gaspé Beaubien-Mattrick about skills we can teach our children early in their lives that will help them later:  

think one of the most important things to teach your children is grit, the ability to persevere and push through difficult situations. I sometimes think that the generation coming up, things have come easily, and we’re a little spoiled. The ones who are really pushing through are the ones that are used to going through tough times. 

 also think the ability to communicate can start young. It’s a very important skill to listen to everyone, to be in the moment and really hear what they are saying. We’re moving more and more towards teams where you’ll have people from different cultures. The ability to listen and to learn how to feed back what they are saying is really important to teach. 

 Finally I think the ability to continually learn and grow throughout your life is vital for any kind of leadershipYou can never know it all and ian entrepreneur says to me "I know this business, I know it all" then I won’t work with them because none of us can know it allWe’re here to continually learn and grow, personally as well as in business.

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