Nurturing Entrepreneurs Within the Business


Intrapreneurs bring many benefits to their employers but what are the best ways to nurture risk-takers who will develop new business areas

Sach Chandaria, a fifth-generation member of a large family, talked with BFF about the importance of a thought-through process to cultivate entrepreneurs within the businessHere’s a summary of the video 

Nurturing entrepreneurs gets to the essence of what our business is about. We are not like a traditional family in the sense that we have one key business. Our business is a portfolio of businesses. The best way to describe our business is that we facilitate entrepreneurship.  

We look for a very particular breed of entrepreneur and then we try to create the best environment for them to succeed. The principal value that we add as family is nurturing and cultivating entrepreneurs through the lifecycle of a business, from early-stage to when things begin to mature and start to scale.  

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