Two Sisters Talk about Their Family Business and a Strong Emotion


At BFF we get to know a lot of the complex emotions that affect enterprising families: pride-in-achievement, purpose-in-the-project, determination-to-survive and many others.

We really appreciate Brittney and Breanne Ramsay, of BRITT Land & Engagement, telling us about the crippling-fear they experienced when their dad became unexpectedly ill.

Brittney Ramsay:

We didn’t have any succession planning when our dad got sick, and I was in my early 20s… You never want to think about your dad getting sick and what that’s going to look like. But if we’d talked about it earlier, we’d have had more of a plan in place so the fear wouldn’t have been as crippling at the beginning.

Breanne Ramsay:

Now we ensure we have a succession plan in place company-wide. We’re cross-trained. I know exactly what Britney does if something happens to her, and she knows what I do if something happens to me, to ensure that we have a succession plan.

Key Takeaway: 

Strong emotions can be understood as delivering important messages about a need for action. Emotions are helpful! The emotion of fear can prompt determined action that makes the situation better – like creating a company-wide succession plan.

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