Cohesive Leadership of the Family


Cohesive family leaders are concerned for the harmony and well-being of the family community, with consideration for the needs of individuals and the system as a whole. To what extent are you a cohesive leader? Here are five questions adapted from our online interactive resource: 

  1. Imagine a group of family members is discussing a problem and the most dynamic person jumps to an ‘obvious’ solution. Do you still integrate quieter people into the discussion so that they can share their perspectives too? 
  2. Are you always one of the first to find out about the hesitations, concerns, fears and sources of stress of your peers, and to acknowledge them and compare them with yours? 
  3. On an average day, when searching to solve problems with your peers, do you tend to listen more than you speak? 
  4. When you are involved in making decisions today, do you also consider what is being built as a legacy for the future? 
  5. When facing an acute crisis, do you still take the time to listen to different points of view rather than make an immediate decision? 

Cohesive leaders are likely to agree that ‘with each rain drop, you build a lake’. Often they don’t push themselves forward but they do tremendous work at keeping people together. They deserve to be celebrated! 


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